Public Service Announcement #1

February 11, 2019
Public Service Announcement #1

Ladies. Let’s have a quick chat. Working with skin conditions and ailments for the past 6 years I have noticed one common trend I would like to bring to your attention. Then I want them eradicated from your home and possession asap. Here they are, in no particular order:


St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

I know, I know, you may have been using this stuff for ages now. I also know that the packaging claims the product contains natural milled walnut powder. Believe me when I tell you this, those milled walnut granules are like tiny sharp fingernails raking across your lovely face. Don’t do this to yourself. There are other, more effective exfoliants out there. I will talk about those later in another post. And if you have said other, better exfoliants at home, remember too much of a good thing…sometimes is no longer a good thing. Stop exfoliating daily.

But hey it’s not all bad, if you are old school, you can still have your Pond’s.


Okay here it is. Drum roll please..the final item I want you to let go of is this:

Your magnifying mirror.

I cannot tell you how many times my female patients come to me and point out some obscure wrinkle or spot or blemish that I have to get close to them to see. Inevitably, as I am squinting at them, I will stop myself and ask “Do you have a magnifying mirror at home?”

They will look a bit sheepish and confess and say “Yes, how did you know?” That is when I say, very gently to them and now to all of you…put this mirror away now. It is not your friend.

Now repeat after me:

No one sees you in real life under magnification.

Save yourself from undue worry about small blemishes that appear larger than life under magnification. If you need it to tweeze or apply makeup, that’s okay, by all means help yourself. Uneven eyebrows are not a thing. However stop using this mirror to scrutinize flaws seen in 10x magnification, nothing biologic looks that good blown up except maybe the iris of the eye.

Well, that’s it! Just a few things to help save the world and your vanity…ahem sanity. I hope some or all of it was enlightening. Now carry on, as you were.

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