I was born on a Naval Base outside of Chicago and I have been moving and shaking every since. My military roots fostered a nomadic spirit that thrives on freedom of expression and independence. It also gave me the chance to meet so many people while growing up which nurtured a desire for human connection. People fascinate me with their stories and unique perspectives on life which is why I chose a career in medicine. While I get to educate and heal with clinical skills I am also educated in life by the the stories my patients share. Over the years I have discovered that one common theme in my conversations with other…people just want to be happy.

That is what this blog is about. What makes you happy? What sets your soul on fire?

In a world of constant distractions and diversions, we are constantly seeking for meaningful content. What will speak to you? What do you want out of life? How can you show up today and make it count? I hope you will find encouragement here to have those crucial conversations with yourself to dig deep inside and discover your true north. What legacy do you want to leave?

I see the life as full of opportunity and wonder and I seek the answers to these questions constantly. I am on a quest to reinvent myself in my own image and I want to motivate people who have the same fire in their bellies to live up to their potential on their own terms. Girl on fire?

Let’s light it up together.